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Full Body Massages:

We offer expert massage services for a number of different massage types. Stop in for a free consultation to learn more about each type of massage we offer and how we can help relieve certain areas of discomfort. Choose from our basic massage services or premium massages.  Whether you just need a day of relaxation from everyday stresses or have a specific problem or pain that needs be relieved with a massage, come relax and be pampered at this elegant salon and spa.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Body Massage is an energizing uplifting massage that stimulates circulation and generates an immediate sense of well-being. A light and relaxing treatment, Swedish Body massage is designed to ease away the aches and stresses of everyday life. Wonderful for relaxation, a full body massage includes work on the neck, shoulders, arms, upper chest, abdomen (optional), back and legs.

Deep Tissue Massage

When our muscular movement is impaired due to injury, bad posture, or a even something as simple as a bad night sleep the fluids our muscles need to help function and repair cannot reach the areas they need to lubricate the fascia.  This then becomes hard, and develops a scar like tissue, this traps lactic acid and other toxins preventing our bodies from healing naturally and functioning normally.  This can cause pain and discomfort throughout the back and other body parts.

A thorough back massage can help and your therapist will use a combination of techniques to ensure you leave feeling revitalized, less stiff with an improved sense of good health.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage can help injuries, reduced range of movement, chronic pain, muscular tension, repetitive strain, sciatica and much more.  The therapist will generally concentrate on the specific problem as opposed to offering the full body massage that most practitioners do.    Our Sports Massage stimulates the circulation of lymph fluids and blood, All of which will help to break down adhesions - knots in the muscles and also increase the range of movement in the limbs.

Hot Stone Massage

The benefits of hot stone massage include: 

Deep relaxation, the warmth relaxes both physically and mentally
The heat from the stones is transferred to the body by conduction and it may reach up to 3cm into the muscle
Stress is reduced, relieving mental and physical fatigue
Circulation is improved and muscles have an increased blood supply, improving function
Toxins and waste are eliminated quickly
The warmth can relieve pain in muscles and joints
Tension in connective tissue is decreased
There is a deep comfort of receiving warmth on the body. 

Prenatal Massage

If you are pregnant and would like a massage please talk to our therapists about the areas of tension you have,  Your therapist has had a completely separate qualification and level of training in pregnancy massage so you are in safe hands.

Couples Massage

The perfect way to reignite your love. Massages take place in a cozy but quaint room for two and packages are optional for kings and queens. Come Relax and Be Pampered

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology focuses primarily on the feet. How does it work? Reflexology means there are areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body. An example is the tips of the toes reflect the head the heart and chest are around the ball of the foot the liver, pancreas and kidney are in the arch of the foot low back and intestines are towards the heel. He believed that certain areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body.  A scientific explanation is that the pressure may send signals that balance the nervous system or release chemicals such as endorphins that reduce pain and stress

Aromatherapy Massage

During an aromatherapy massage, various hands-on techniques are used and offer several different benefits which may include:

Improved circulation to muscles, reducing inflammation and pain
Deep relaxation, relieving mental and physical fatigue.
Improvement of mobility and promotion of correct posture
Release of chronic back and shoulder tension, and backaches
Easing of neuralgia
Improved digestion and relief of constipation
Stimulation and drainage of the lymphatic system and the flushing out of toxins.

Four-Hand Massage

You are welcomed to our paradise, let us pamper you. We will set the tone for a rejuvenating massage with rose pedals and soft music. We will massage your muscles and pain away with lotion, as our 4 handed massage will have you revived and stress free. 

Massage Pricing:

60 minute full body massage $60

90 minute full body massage $90

120 minute full body massage $110

Hot Stone 60 minute full body massage $100

New client special- 60/90 minute full body massage $49/$75

25 minute chair massage $20

Maintain your skin’s best health with the personalized Treatment ideal for all skin types.
Free skin analysis! 

Dermalogica Skin Treatments: $60.00

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Treatment $60.00

Serious relief for sensitized skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin, by targeting the triggers behind redness, itching and stinging, this treatment will help recover skin health for long term relief.

Dermalogica Medica Clearing Skin Treatment $70.00

Restorative treatment to revitalized and energize skin while brightening and firming the skin

Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Treatment $75.00

Dermalogica Clear skin Teen Treatment $30.00

Dermalogica Micro Zone Targeted Treatments $25.00

Bothersome breakout? Tired Eyes? Dull Skin? Try one of six 20 minute quick skin fixes that get you in, gets skin repaired and gets you out the door in a snap.

Go and Glow Exfoliation- resurface to reveal skin that glows

Eye Rescue- Minimize dark circles fine lines and puffiness

Age Repair- Fight the signs of aging and revitalize skin

Skin Soothing- Desensitize and calm irritated skin

Blackhead Relief- Deep cleanse and Extractions for healthy skin

Moisture Boost- Rehydrate and replenish dry thirsty skin

Prestige Makeup Application $30.00

Individual Eyelashes $25.00

Strips $10.00


Brow Wax $15.00

Brow and Lip Wax $20.00

Lip, Chin and Side $25.00

Lip or Chin $10.00

Dermalogica Certified Expert: Wendy Roberson

Body Wraps:

Dramatic Results Salon & Spa is a full service salon and spa. We offer a wide of array of services from Healthy hair care and maintenance to full body massages and healthy skin treatments with master skin therapists and we offer Body wrap. Many users of our body wraps experience inch loss in addition to skin renewal. The results are remarkable this is a natural cleansing which help get rid of toxic build up due to age, stress, smoking, poor diet, medication, alcohol, lack of exercise and other factors. Skin looks and feels tighter, more toned and completely refreshed.

All Body Wraps are Approximately 60 to 75 Minutes.

Tone and Tighten $100

Bamboo Body Scrub $120

Body Masque $125.00

Treatment increases circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage excellent purifying properties detoxifying and re-mineralizing contains many trace minerals is essential to metabolize nutrients into new tissue improves skin tone, firmness and overall health.

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